When Not To Buy A Golf Car

If the manufacturer does not sell fleets to golf courses

    • There are only three manufacturers that sell fleets to golf courses, Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha
    • Any other brands are not proven to perform on golf courses, if golf courses don’t buy them why would you!

If you do not know the year of batteries on electric models

    • Batteries are expensive to replace $800 to $1,000
    • You will have no idea if the batteries were properly maintained and do not take anyone’s word for it if the batteries have not been tested.

If the batteries are older than 4 years old in an electric golf car and not tested

    • Batteries need to be tested. A properly maintained battery that tests 60+ minutes of capacity will perform.

If there is no extended warranty that comes with the vehicle

    • Why would you buy any vehicle that is not backed by the company that sells it

If the business you are buying from does not have a service and parts department.

    • You can’t drive your golf car to a dealership unless it’s on a trailer, why wouldn’t you select a dealer that will drive to you after you purchase the vehicle
    • Very important to check out the size and staff of the service and parts department


If the charger of an electric vehicle does not match the model, batteries and year of the car you are buying

      • Chargers are calibrated specifically to the manufacturer’s batteries in the car
      • Changing batteries without modifying the charger may damage the batteries leaving you with a big bill.

If the dealer is not authorized by a manufacturer-they cannot process warranty claims

    • Often overlooked, some manufacturers have 5 or more years or lifetime warranty, if a dealer is not authorized they would have to invoice you for warranty repairs.
    • This could cost you thousands of dollars.

If you do not know how to care for the vehicle

    • You may be making a mistake buying a golf car if you do not understand how to care for it.
    • Golf cars are low maintenance; however care, charging and storage are important to prevent costly repairs.
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